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This time out, things are looking pretty bad in my "alternative" Scranton: for the first time, a street drug has proven addictive to supernaturals, with a resulting crime wave as the creatures of the night struggle to get drug money. The first Stan and Karl learn about this is when a couple of elves stick up Jerry's Diner while they are inside on their coffee break. Further, the local Mafia "family" is under attack from a group of interlopers who seek to take over, resulting in gun battles and car bombs in the city streets. And then there's the Patriot Party, a group of proto-fascists who seek to gain control of this city government in the forthcoming election. Stan Markowski has his hands full—and he doesn't even know who the real enemy is yet.
The book is due for publication on January 28, 2014.

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Justin Gustainis, Scary Scribe