Justin Gustainis: Scary Scribe



--"Backu-Up Man," in the anthology Darker Than Noir (2011).

--"Waiting for G.P.," in Shroud (Autumn, 2010).

--"Janus," in Bete Noire (Summer, 2010).

--"Meat Wagon," in Inhuman (Summer, 2009).

--"Courtesy Call," in the e-zine Thuglit (June/July 2006).

--"Advocatus Diaboli," in Dark Discoveries (2006).

--"damnation.com," in the anthology Shadow Regions (2006).

--"Let Us Prey," in the anthology Time for Bedlam (2005).

--"Blood Moon Rising," in Surreal (Winter, 2005).

--"Bounty," in the anthology Darkness Rising 2003 (2003).

--"Reunion," in the anthology Fedora 2: More Private Eyes and Tough Guys (2003).

--"Bargain," in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (July/August/September, 2002).


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Justin Gustainis, Scary Scribe